Saturday, 31 July 2010


Over the years I've had a love-hate relationship with ASOS, I either like everything they have to offer, or nothing at all. My current feeling for this website is fully-blown, I-want-to-have-your-babies LOVE! (or more likely fickle-infatuation that may last a month or so but whatever..)

Anyway these are a few of my picks from their current collection. Tricky to pick just a few but if you want to see them all then just browse their whole collection.. 

The WEDGES are frankly AMAZING and I will be purchasing them as soon as I have the cash. They are also available in tan and black but I tend to avoid black shoes, and although I adore tan, the colour is a bit darker than I would like. These shoes are just so beautiful,  I've been looking for a pair of day heels/wedges for a while now and these are perfect. Not to mention the Burberry-esque shearling. And suede wedges for a mere £55?! Bargain!

I'm not a fan of going-out dresses, especially of the body-con type, therefore I'm always on the look out for a pretty playsuit that can go from day to night with little effort. This asos PLAYSUIT is perfect, I like that it's not too short unlike other playsuits and  it'll look great with a pair of sandals and sunglasses by day and then with heels and eyeliner at night. I can also carry on wearing it in winter with a woolie cardy, tights and a pair of boots. 

I know, I know.. swallow print is on the way out. But Miu Miu are still using it, and that's good enough for me. And this BLOUSE is pussy-bow! I adore pussy-bow blouses, and own several from topshop already but I don't own a dark one so there's my excuse. This would look great with high-waisted hareem-ish beige chinos but it's so cute it would look good with denim shorts or even jeans. Beautiful.

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  1. Hi sweety!
    Great post :) My boyfriend designs for ASOS so i'm usually jumping on the site to see what new things they have!
    Thank you for your lovely comment, I like the clothes you have been writing about. I would encourage you to take a look at:

    You have probably come across these already, these three fashion bloggers are pretty big now! (Bryanboy sat on the front row of Milan fashion week and Tavi, aged 12, wow, sat on the front row of the NY fashion week!).
    They are great inspiration for any wannabe fashion blogger. is also brilliant for keeping up-to-date.

    It's all about you though, stay true to yourself and treat your blog like a diary or scrapbook! Anything that is of interest to you can find its way into your blog. Your interests outside fashion will no doubt influence your style and fashion direction!

    Lots of love,