Saturday, 21 August 2010

Vive Le Chuck!

Long time no blog, I'm sorry. BUT HOW EXCITED ARE YOU ABOUT SEASON FOUR OF GOSSIP GIRL?! I cannot wait to let Chuck Bass back into my life. If you haven't seen the trailer then here it is:

In other news: here are the purchases I have/will be making this week:

Dress £37 down from £47, Miss Selfridge. Now this picture does nothing for this dress but I promise it looks beautiful on. I don't usually wear such girly items but the back of the body is crochet and it'll look amazing dressed down with dark tights and accessories. I have a 21st to attend in London next week so will be wearing this. May even be able to provide you with an outfit post....

Now I know these have both already been all over the blogs but i don't care because they're both so beautiful. A problem I have with nail polishes is that even when they claim to be 'pastel' they often look bright on the nails. I've tried several similar to Revlon's Minted Green (Barry M's Mint Green, Chanel's Jade and Nails Inc's Haymarket) but I believe that Revlon's shade is the palest, and therefore the best. The other colour I plan to buy is Models Own Fuzzy Peach which is a gorgeous pale peachy orange. It's always difficult to find a nice pastel orange, as they tend to be neon bright or too coral. I already own Chanel's Orange Fizz which is gorgeous but quite bright, and 17's Orange Soda which is a lovely colour but crap quality, 'Lasting Fix' my arse.

I am also considering gel nails. Not long ones, but maybe a few millimetres of length onto my own weak nails. Have any of you had gel nails? Any tips would be much appreciated.

I plan to channel the vampy lips look this winter, having recently dyed my hair brown from blonde, and therefore become able to wear darker make-up. I'm also hoping it might add a bit of edge to my baby face. I love the colour of Topshop's Vamp, but the texture is very waxy and drying. Have you found this with Topshop lipsticks? Anyway I'm on the hunt for a Vamp-a-like. MAC have got one called Diva on their website which looks similar so I need to go check out that baby. 

In other news, I've been up to little except work. Am on a mission to find the perfect winter boots (ridiculous that its August), and like the shearling look seen on a couple of pairs but can't shake the Carvela pair in a previous post from my mind. Here are my picks of the winter boots floating around currently. 

 Boots; Topshop (now Sold Out), River Island, Carvela at Kurt Geiger and New Look.

Monday, 9 August 2010

Granny Shoes

Ho hummm.. thought I'd write an update on my life as I have no particular theme for todays Blog.

1. I have lost half a stone in the last few weeks! Wahoo excellent news, although as I put on a WHOLE STONE whilst at University, I still have a little way to go.. 

2. I found a new lady-crush on The Streethearts. She's beautiful, like a sort of summery, fresh-looking Olsen twin.: 

I love her laid back style. May copy her headband/Turban. Photograph by Eirik Slyngstad.

3. I am as poor as I have ever been, with no money in sight until the 27th :(. Damn crap University halls not returning deposits, and damn her majestys revenue and customs for taxing me without reason (is that treason? hmm). I am so distressed about my poverty that I had a full-blown cryfest last week infront of my parents, mascara mingled with snot all over my face. Not Pretty.

4. Despite my poverty, I've still been trawling eBay for bargains. My usual hunt is for these Russell and Bromley babies:


These loafers are great, and I love them even more for my boyfriends reaction; 'My Gran wears shoes just like them'. Haha they are a must-have now. The only problem I have is not knowing whether I want to bid on a new or used pair... any thoughts?

That's the last few days pretty much summed up. Ciao x

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Who would you rather be, The Beatles or The Rolling Stones?

'Gimme Sympathy' by Metric.

Listening to the above song on repeat has inspired me to write about band tees and other grungy looks that i wish that i could pull off but my middle-class buckinghamshire upbringing prevents me. My problem is that i simply cannot look edgy, and any attempt to falls into the category of tragic instead. I look at models like Erin Wasson and company above, and (although i whole-heartedly disagree with the portrayal of beauty and idolatry of size zero in the media) i find myself coveting those long limbs and natural beauty which allow them to pull off any outfit with ease. Nevertheless, i am making it my mission to discard my pussy-bow blouses and structured trousers for something a little more grungy. Maybe even a band tee....

Here are my picks of the trend:

Shorts, Socks and Tee all Urban Outfitters. Boots, Carvela at Kurt Geiger. Hat, ASOS.

Saturday, 31 July 2010


Over the years I've had a love-hate relationship with ASOS, I either like everything they have to offer, or nothing at all. My current feeling for this website is fully-blown, I-want-to-have-your-babies LOVE! (or more likely fickle-infatuation that may last a month or so but whatever..)

Anyway these are a few of my picks from their current collection. Tricky to pick just a few but if you want to see them all then just browse their whole collection.. 

The WEDGES are frankly AMAZING and I will be purchasing them as soon as I have the cash. They are also available in tan and black but I tend to avoid black shoes, and although I adore tan, the colour is a bit darker than I would like. These shoes are just so beautiful,  I've been looking for a pair of day heels/wedges for a while now and these are perfect. Not to mention the Burberry-esque shearling. And suede wedges for a mere £55?! Bargain!

I'm not a fan of going-out dresses, especially of the body-con type, therefore I'm always on the look out for a pretty playsuit that can go from day to night with little effort. This asos PLAYSUIT is perfect, I like that it's not too short unlike other playsuits and  it'll look great with a pair of sandals and sunglasses by day and then with heels and eyeliner at night. I can also carry on wearing it in winter with a woolie cardy, tights and a pair of boots. 

I know, I know.. swallow print is on the way out. But Miu Miu are still using it, and that's good enough for me. And this BLOUSE is pussy-bow! I adore pussy-bow blouses, and own several from topshop already but I don't own a dark one so there's my excuse. This would look great with high-waisted hareem-ish beige chinos but it's so cute it would look good with denim shorts or even jeans. Beautiful.

Never blogged before..

This is the first post I have written in my life. I'll take this opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Lucy and I'm an aspiring fashion journalist residing in rural England. Not the most fashion-orientated environment but nevertheless my early-teen obsession with magazines has grown into a fully blown fixation with the idea of working for these magazines. There is nothing I want to do more than to write about fashion for a living, and following my recent dally into the world of Twitter, I've discovered the world of fashion blogging, and have been inspired to start my own fashion blog. So here I am.