Thursday, 5 August 2010

Who would you rather be, The Beatles or The Rolling Stones?

'Gimme Sympathy' by Metric.

Listening to the above song on repeat has inspired me to write about band tees and other grungy looks that i wish that i could pull off but my middle-class buckinghamshire upbringing prevents me. My problem is that i simply cannot look edgy, and any attempt to falls into the category of tragic instead. I look at models like Erin Wasson and company above, and (although i whole-heartedly disagree with the portrayal of beauty and idolatry of size zero in the media) i find myself coveting those long limbs and natural beauty which allow them to pull off any outfit with ease. Nevertheless, i am making it my mission to discard my pussy-bow blouses and structured trousers for something a little more grungy. Maybe even a band tee....

Here are my picks of the trend:

Shorts, Socks and Tee all Urban Outfitters. Boots, Carvela at Kurt Geiger. Hat, ASOS.


  1. I totally wish i could wear clothes like these, you know the 'i'v just thrown this on after picking it up off the floor, but i still look like a model' But unfortunately due to my lack of legs the length of the M25 i struggle with this look too :)

    p.s Love your blog x

  2. me too! bizarrely it seems so easy to look glam but so difficult to look effortless! haha i suppose some people just have it (or a stylist..)

    thank-you!! and thank-you for being my first follower

    spread the love xxxx

  3. wow, i completely agree; why don't grunge tees look 'that grunge' on me? maybe it's because i look nothing like those models who wear them :p so sad.
    cool items you post!

    Castor Pollux