Monday, 9 August 2010

Granny Shoes

Ho hummm.. thought I'd write an update on my life as I have no particular theme for todays Blog.

1. I have lost half a stone in the last few weeks! Wahoo excellent news, although as I put on a WHOLE STONE whilst at University, I still have a little way to go.. 

2. I found a new lady-crush on The Streethearts. She's beautiful, like a sort of summery, fresh-looking Olsen twin.: 

I love her laid back style. May copy her headband/Turban. Photograph by Eirik Slyngstad.

3. I am as poor as I have ever been, with no money in sight until the 27th :(. Damn crap University halls not returning deposits, and damn her majestys revenue and customs for taxing me without reason (is that treason? hmm). I am so distressed about my poverty that I had a full-blown cryfest last week infront of my parents, mascara mingled with snot all over my face. Not Pretty.

4. Despite my poverty, I've still been trawling eBay for bargains. My usual hunt is for these Russell and Bromley babies:


These loafers are great, and I love them even more for my boyfriends reaction; 'My Gran wears shoes just like them'. Haha they are a must-have now. The only problem I have is not knowing whether I want to bid on a new or used pair... any thoughts?

That's the last few days pretty much summed up. Ciao x


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  2. i love that look from the streethearts.
    i have that bag and now i am gutted i never made it look so good.

    your posts are good, lets be friends :)

  3. hey there, thanks for commenting. i'm still shocked that anyone reads my blog to be honest.
    i had a look at yours and much enjoyed it, particularly the american psycho quoting (fave book/film)
    and ive added you to my side bar so hopefully visits to your blog will increase (unlikely)


  4. haha i dont know where i found your blog but i enjoyed it.
    i love american psycho haha.

    thanks, i've started following you now, so maybe follow me too :)